Saturday, 21 May 2011

Wedding Cake again...and Wedding!

Well, it took 26 eggs, over 3lbs each of butter, sugar and flour, almost a whole pot of vanilla bean paste, three newspapers, and some string.

There were massive bowls, which weren't quite big enough, an overheating set of electric beaters and a wooden-spoon-related blister.

The oven was on for 7 hours, cooking one cake after the other. We now have a huge cake, a big cake and cute little top cake. All in all, enough for 100 people with (hopefully) lots of leftovers.

The white chocolate icing is made, extensively taste-tested and tupperwared. The raspberry jam is ready and standing to attention.

Dowels and cake boards have been bought, tested, sterilised and carefully packed. It's wedding cake time!

Which's our wedding! By the time you read this, we will be veiled and kilted, singing hymns, saying vows, swapping rings, drinking champagne and eating (lots of) cake.

We've got a special guest post coming up next week to fill the gap while we're on honeymoon, and once we're back there'll be lots of cooking and eating. In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed for sunshine and raise a glass!


  1. Hi! I'm loving your blog, you seem to live in a very similar household to my greed boyfriend and I! Notably, he baked me a fab salted caramel birthday cake this year, and it was amazing! The kitchen was a bombsite afterwards, he has a compulsion to used EVERYTHING in the way of untensils, but it tasted great, so he was forgiven;)! Anyway, sorry for rambling, the real reason I am sending this is to ask for any wedding cake tips/tricks. I'm baking a wedding cake for a friend and she wants something similar to yours for her vintage inspired garden wedding next July ( I'm starting early, I know, but you can never be too ready!). I was thinking along the lines of White chocolate cigarillos all around it with lots of berries and roses or her chosen flowers. Your cake looked fabulous, so professional! So any pointers would be greatly appreciated! My main concern at the moment is baking it in my oven at home. I'm scared it wont be big enough. Didyou bake all your layers in a normal domestic oven? Even the 12 inch? If you have any secrets/tips about anything wedding cake related I would love to pick your brain about them! Thanks for reading this! And keep going with your blog, I just discovered it and it's great! Going to try your courgettes/spinach pasta tonight......yum! Love Suzanne xx

  2. Hi Suzanne, thanks for such a lovely comment! And wow, would love to hear more about the salted caramel cake...

    That's such a wonderful thing you're doing for your friend, I'm sure the cake will be amazing! The white chocolate cigarillos sound incredible, what a good idea. Ok tips, tips - the 12 inch DID fit in the oven (took a long time to cook, as I remember!), but it broke our hand held mixers - if you have a freestanding mixer or know someone who does, it would make the 12 inch one a lot easier (and avoid blisters like mine above!). We got loads of tips on how to make the perfect madeira from Lindy's Cakes blog (link in this post, like scooping out the middle of the mixture and wrapping newspaper around the tin.

    We got the huge and teeny tins from TK Maxx, although lots of specialist cake shops will let you hire them (and will also sell the boards and dowelling). M&S also sells the dowelling and has a really helpful video on their website telling you how to insert the dowels and how many you need etc.

    I'd recommend trying out the recipe a few months in advance - plus, you get delicious cake to eat - and it'll make you more confident on the day. We baked on Thursday, and assembled in situ on Saturday. We weren't confident that we'd be able to move it! Finally, we had some left over and it froze very, very well...

    Really hope that helps - please do ask if there's anything else you think of. And hope the courgette/spinach pasta worked out well for you! Mmm I love that pasta, hope you like it. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Alexandra,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, had a lot on recently! Anyway, Thank you so much for the tips above. The bride ordered some cake tins from ebay, and they arrived today. I can't wait to try my first attempt at the cake! One more small question, did you freeze the cake before you assembled it? I have read on some other sites that this firms it up and strengthens it but unsure wither to do this or not as surely this would mean that it couldn't be refrozen after the big day?

    I will get back to you about the salted caramel birthday cake! I promise! Just need to ask the boy for the recipe in legible format! Think he wrote down the original on some scabby wee scrap of paper that has since gotten lost in the bowels of our kitchen! :)

    Lots of love,

    Suzanne xxx

    PS, courgette/spinach pasta was awesome! It has turned into a bit of a midweek staple!

    1. Hi Suzanne, glad the tips were helpful - and very happy to hear how much you like the pasta! I know, we really love it too.

      Nope, we didn't freeze the cake first - I've also seen that recommended elsewhere but like you, we wanted to be able to freeze the leftovers! (which we did with great success, by the way, they lasted for months). Hope the trial run goes well!


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