Monday, 27 June 2011

How to Make Your Own Confetti

A slight tangent from Dine at Mine today - think of this more as "Get Married at Mine". This post is inspired by one of my closest friends, who has recently got engaged (hurrah!) and who has expressed interest in making her own confetti like we did. How, I hear you, her and the rest of the internet cry? It's laughably easy. This is how.

There are three routes, which all give good results, but which involve varying degrees of effort. We ended up using a combination of all three, but any one of them would do, so take a look and see which appeals to you.

Option 1) buy a whole load of cheap (eg: supermarket) flowers on the day before or morning of the wedding, and pull the petals off them. Done. We in fact cannibalised the red roses left over from decorating our wedding cake, and combined them with our pre-prepared dry and pressed flower petals (see below), but you could use just fresh petals easily. For an even cheaper option, which would be enchantingly pretty, you could just use a whole load of tiny flower heads from your/your family's garden. I was desperate to use just forget-me-not flowers as confetti - how beautiful would that have been? - but the freak hot April this year meant that they had all flowered and died months ahead of their normal season so this wasn't an option for us. Another time...(no, darling, I'm not planning another wedding, don't worry).

Option 2) whenever you have flowers during your engagement (and this is an excellent reason to treat yourself/get your fiance to treat you), simply hang them upside down in an airing cupboard or somewhere warm and dry when they start to die, instead of chucking them out. Once they've dried, pull off the petals and keep in a paper bag or shoebox until the wedding - something which allows air to circulate, where they won't go mouldy. Roses are particularly good because the colours stay really vibrant (see the picture at the top of this post) but almost any flowers will do, so you can experiment. Get your mum/sister/aunties on this as well and you'll easily end up with more than enough. 

Option 3) my incredible aunty painstakingly collected and pressed thousands of little violets which were so pretty, you can't even imagine. No, I have no idea how long it took her and yes, we are very grateful.

Basically, like everything to do with weddings, people will try to charge ludicrous amounts for confetti. But making your own is so simple, quite fun and will save you a fortune. Plus, because you're making your own, you can be as bridezilla as you want about colour. I actually wanted lots of colours because I think it makes the final picture prettier, but you could easily go chic and monochrome if that's what you fancy. Bear in mind, too, that you only need the confetti for a few seconds and then it'll be trampled underfoot for the rest of the reception. Do you really want to spend hundreds of pounds buying flower petals? Well, exactly.

It should be noted that I am talking here about confetti made out of flower petals, rather than paper/foil shapes, purely because I prefer it and most venues only allow the flower variety. But if you wanted paper stuff and your venue doesn't object, I would recommend taking inspiration from Gareth in The Office. Remember when he's breaking down in tears at the prospect of David Brent leaving him, and Brent offers him a memento? "Not the guitar, I meant stationery or summat, summat I can reorder". Gareth chooses the holepunch and, when the little punchings fall out onto his lap, tearfully whispers that they're "like confetti". You could ACTUALLY do that with pretty coloured/metallic paper and a novelty holepunch with heart/star-shaped holes. But that would be a lot more effort and not as nice, so I'd really just go with the petals.

So you've made a big pile of confetti, now all you need is something to hold it in. Coming up next - the confetti cones!


  1. love this post. I've made loads of confetti cones as well for our wedding and have been trying to find a way to stand them up - didn't even think of shredded paper so thanks for the tip!! Also, for those brides making confetti - I've collected rose petals from flowers over the past year and have them in the freezer in bags. Strip off the petals, lay them on a baking tray or similar and freeze. Once frozen quickly transfer to a plastic bag and seal. They will defrost on the day and look like they were freshly picked. We also kept the lavender heads from last years garden. They still smell beautiful and match our purple theme!

  2. Mina, that sounds so beautiful! Amazing tip about the freezer as well, what a good idea. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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