Friday, 17 June 2011

Scallops with Chorizo

You'll be glad to hear that there aren't many words today. Not because today's recipe isn't delicious - it is. I sometimes think that scallops are my favourite food in the whole world (expensive tastes, moi?), and crispy fried chorizo would come quite close behind.

Not because it's Friday, and I'm tired, and we've been too busy writing thank you letters for wedding gifts. Although all of the above is true - particularly the thank yous. On Tuesday it'll be a month since our wedding, and I'm desperate to get the letters out before then. 

Not because I've been writing at work all day and I've run out of words. It's true that I've been typing since this morning, and spent the day puzzling over commas and asyndeton and how much alliteration is too much alliteration. And incidentally, I do wish that we still used machines that went "ting" and needed a smart slap on the side of the screen after every line. I'm sure I'd feel much more productive that way.

No, there aren't many words today because this is one of the easiest recipes I've ever made. As you may have noticed, we're quite lazy in the Dine at Mine household and we firmly believe that corners are there to be cut. 

But this still wins the prize for lazy cooking. Any time you need a treat and you don't have the time, energy or emotional bandwidth to do anything difficult, I advise that you turn to Nigella. Specifically, these scallops with chorizo.

This time, we really needed a treat, and these were perfect. Crisp, spicy chorizo; caramelised, tender scallops; a tangy, savoury sauce. (That's the asyndeton for you). A few minutes' work for a few hours' satisfaction. When you've had a hard week, give yourself a treat and make these. I guarantee that, no matter what else in life may disappoint, these won't.

Scallops with Chorizo
From Nigella
Serves as many as you like

- a chunk of chorizo sausage
- scallops - as many as you want to eat
- half a lemon
- a spoonful of chopped fresh parsley

Slice the chorizo and cook in a hot, dry pan until the edges are crispy and the pan is slicked with bright red oil. Transfer the chorizo to a plate and cook the scallops in the spicy oil for around a minute a side. Return the chorizo to the pan, squeeze over the juice of half a lemon and cook for around 30 seconds. Arrange on a plate with some kind of leaves - raw spinach or rocket is perfect - pour over the sauce, and scatter with chopped fresh parsley. Enjoy. You deserve it. 

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