Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wedding Cake - the final photos

As promised, here it is. The final word on my home-made wedding cake and, if I say so myself, it was a bloody brilliant cake. See?

All credit here actually goes to my mum and aunty who not only made the cake with me the week before the wedding, but also masterminded the much more difficult task of assembling the cake on the morning of the wedding while I was off getting my hair done. (For the two previous posts on the wedding cake, click here and here). Here are the cake queens in action in the tiny service kitchen at the wedding venue. I feel duty-bound to point out, before I get a maternal nudge, that they both looked considerably more glamorous a few hours later, this is just an unfair picture. 

So, the assembly. First job was to cut the cakes into three horizontally, seen here with a fancy cheese-wire style cake cutter. The largest cake, however, defeated this gadget through sheer size and had to be tackled the old-fashioned way with a knife. So anyway, the cakes needed splitting...

Filling with jam and icing...

Dowelling (technical!)...


And decorating!

A thing of beauty, I'm sure you'll agree.

So, the great question of quantities. First off, did we have enough of the white chocolate icing? Well, despite the attempts of this marauding helper to eat it, yes. In fact, we had about a third of that tupperware left over...so a minor miscalculation but much better than not having enough. 

And yes, as predicted we made far too much cake as well, but I see that as a very good thing. Chunks are now stashed in freezers all across the South of England and, more to the point, we ate a massive slice of it with champagne on our first day as a married couple, opening our cards and notes from guests and saying over and over "I can't believe we've done it! I can't believe it went so well! I can't believe it didn't rain!". This is all the leftover cake, charmingly modelled by our waiter into foil swans (classy innit). 

Back to the cake itself - here it is being cut! Please note also my absolutely gorgeous bouquet. Ah, I loved that bouquet. I was actually sad to leave it when we went on honeymoon. Is that mental? Bear in mind that I'd had NO sleep the night before the wedding (not an exaggeration, actual fact), so emotions were slightly heightened. Even emotions for flowers, albeit beautiful ones. 

But never mind how it looks, how did the cake taste?? Well. You know how I called it a triumph? That isn't just hyperbole, it really was. Light, moist, delicious and also robust enough to be easily cut and served and eaten. The white chocolate icing and raspberry jam were delicious with it, plus all the berries and cherries scattered over the platters made it look even prettier. There were gasps from the guests, in a good way!

In conclusion, making your own wedding cake - challenging but totally doable and totally WORTH IT. Not only was the taste far superior to a bought cake (I'm not lying, it really was), but we saved over £250 at a conservative estimate. Or in other words, another night of honeymoon! 

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  1. The cake is really gorgeous and it looks so scrumptious!


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