Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Greedy Gusto had a revelation a few weeks ago when he was in Boots choosing his meal deal lunch. 

"What?" I hear you ask. "Greedy Gusto eats Boots meal deals for lunch?". Well, occasionally yes I do. Mainly because I've got lots of points on my Boots card, and so I can use them to get a free meal deal (thus disproving the widely believed theory that there's no such thing as a free lunch).

As part of the meal deal, you get to choose any snack (under £1.35) for pudding. Sometimes I'll treat myself to a chocolate bar, other times I'll go for yoghurt or fruit. But a few weeks ago, on a day when I had cycled into work, I wanted something that sounded tasty, filling, and vaguely healthy. So I chose a flapjack.

Why is this a revelation? Well, readers, I can hardly remember ever eating flapjacks before. I didn't think I liked them. But I tell you, I took my first bite of the Boots flapjack... and it was delicious! And I decided then and there (at my desk) that I needed to try making some at home.

Mrs Dine at Mine suggested using Nigella's recipe for flapjacks. As with all Greedy Gusto recipes, this has very few ingredients and is very simple to make. However, at this point, I'm afraid I'm obliged to issue a HEALTH WARNING:

Yes, look at the photo above for the base ingredients of the flapjacks. Butter, butter, golden syrup, and more butter. Your arteries have just started crying at the sight of that photo. Now quickly get it on a low heat, until it has the light sun-coloured glow of the photo below:

Thankfully at this point you can add the healthy ingredient - some jumbo oats (and some not so healthy sugar).  You'll notice how simple this recipe is, and I've just noticed that it's in the Children's section of Nigella's book. But I'd say this is definitely suitable for grown ups too!

Spread the golden porridge mixture out in a baking tray, bake it in the oven for a while, and you've got flapjacks! We thought this recipe was delicious, giving soft, buttery flapjacks with a little bit of a chew. The flapjacks do fall apart a bit, but frankly I wouldn't want them to be any more gluey. Just eat them over a plate so that you can scoop up the fallen pieces at the end as a treat!

Soot's Flapjacks
From Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess
Makes 18 flapjack triangles

- 450g rolled oats
- 75g soft brown sugar
- 300g unsalted butter
- 150g golden syrup
- 1 x 23cm square brownie tin, buttered

Preheat the oven to 190C. Mix the oats with the sugar, then melt the butter with the golden syrup very gently over a low heat, and stir in the oats and sugar.

Press the mixture into the tin and cook for 22 minutes. Nigella says 25 minutes, but our flapjacks were browning after 22 minutes, and I didn't want them to go too hard.

Leave to cool in the tin, cut into 9 squares, then halve each square into triangles. Or just eat it as one massive flapjack.

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