Monday, 29 August 2011

Smoked Salmon Pasta

I'm a bit embarrassed to be blogging this. It's ludicrously basic - pretty much the equivalent of putting up a recipe for peanut butter on toast. 

Although having said that, for years I used to spread the toast with normal butter before even adding the peanut butter, which now seems totally insane. I suppose i was working on the jam and marmite analogy. And actually, peanut butter on toast is best with sliced banana on top - don't knock it 'til you've tried it, it's delicious - but too few people in the world even know about that combination, let alone eat it. Someone needs to evangelise for peanut butter and banana! Come on Jamie Oliver, spread the word! 

So I think it turns out that yes, I would be able to blog a recipe for peanut butter on toast. And, clearly, for pasta with smoked salmon. I know that this is simple but it's delicious, a bit luxurious and quick and easy for busy evenings. There's a place in all our lives for something idiot-proof and tasty which doesn't require anything in terms of skill or effort.

I can guarantee that it'll go down very well on dark nights when you're tired and need a treat. Or when you've been packing your flat and your life into boxes all day and you want something comforting and easy because you can't believe how many bloody books you own, and how expensive basic cardboard boxes are, and you've been tangled up in parcel tape all day. You know, just to pluck a hypothetical situation out of the air. And some parcel tape out of my hair.

Smoked Salmon Pasta

- a few slices of smoked salmon per person
- selection of green vegetables - I'd say the ideal is a combination of leek, asparagus, spinach and peas
- any dried pasta
- lemon, black pepper, maybe some fresh herbs - parsley? Dill, chives?
- some kind of creamy substance like creme fraiche, single or double cream, even natural plain yoghurt at a push

Cook the pasta as normal in boiling water, and cook the veg either in the boiling water (anything like peas, broad beans or broccoli), or in a frying pan (sliced leek, chunks of asparagus etc). Slice the salmon into bite size bits, and turn in the hot frying pan for a minute or so until it starts to flake and look cooked  - you can see this happening in the photo above. 

Once the pasta and veg are done, combine together with the cream, a good squeeze of lemon juice, and plenty of black pepper. If you're using fresh spinach, stir it through at this stage - it will wilt in the heat. Eat while patting yourself on the back for a good day's work and a good night's supper.

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