Sunday, 23 October 2011

Butter Beans with Chorizo and Tomato

As I may have mentioned once or twice around here, we're currently homeless. Wandering nomads without fixed abode, footloose, fancy-free and free for anything fancy. We've cast off the shackles of yesterday our mortgage and we're shamelessly freeloading off family until we find a home of our own. Preferably one that we can afford, that we want to live in, and that someone wants to sell. We're just fussy like that.  

Living with family is great in many ways, but in food terms it has shown us how our diet has changed and adapted in the years we've lived together. We both eat more beans and pulses than our parents, and about three times as many vegetables. Chorizo is one of our staples - there's always one on the go in the fridge - and we tend to cook from fresh, raw ingredients almost every evening. That sounds horrendously smug, and I should point out that we also have major crisp and pudding habits and love a Chinese takeaway. But the fact remains that we now eat in a different way to our parents, and while we've been homeless we've been missing our normal routine.

This bean and chorizo dish is one of our favourites and we love it alongside fish in particular (or steak, if you can resist the call of chips). It's a bit like posh baked beans, with plenty of flavour, but still relatively healthy. The recipe comes from the beef hash meal in Jamie's 30 Minute Meals, so you know it's going to be quick and easy. We generally swap smoky bacon for chorizo, and we barely ever have his (Greek) basil to scatter over the top. But it's still delicious, and to us, it still tastes like home. Fingers crossed we'll soon find a home for it to taste of.

Butter Beans with Chorizo and Tomato
Adapted from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals

- about 8cm of chorizo, cut into small chunks (or use a few rashers of smoky bacon as he suggests)
- a tin of butter beans (we've also tried it with aduki, cannellini and chick peas, all good)
- about 15 cherry tomatoes (quartered), or four big tomatoes (cut into chunks)
- salt, pepper, olive oil
- splash of red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar
- fresh basil if you've got it (we didn't)

Fry up the chorizo in a dry frying pan until browned and sizzling, then pour in the tin of beans in their liquid along with the tomatoes. Let it simmer and thicken for about ten minutes, then season with plenty of black pepper (you probably won't need any salt), a drizzle of olive oil and a splash of red wine  vinegar or balsamic. Serve alongside hash, meat, sausages, fish, or with a fried egg on top as a kind of posh Full English. Actually, that sounds great. There's my plan for next Sunday brunch!

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