Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jingle the Bells, Deck the Halls, Eat the Mince Pies

In the bleak mid-winter, it's all been a bit quiet around here. There was a flurry of chilli, and a seasonal salad - and even a cake studded with fudge - but beyond that, nothing. December has been silent and snow-dusted on this blog and that makes me sad. But the problem is that we're still staying with family while we wait to move into our new house (one month to go!), so we still don't have a kitchen or any chance to cook. At the most, I'm allowed to peel potatoes or chop carrots in someone else's kitchen, all the while trying not to think about hot chocolate peppermint fudge sauce or any of the other million things on my "recipe to try" list. I'm telling you, it's a kind of torture. While we count down the days until we get a kitchen - a whole house, even - of our own, things will have to stay a bit quiet around here. But in the meantime I've decided to inflict on the blog some terrible phone photos of festivities. 

Christmas shopping has been handled by Mr Internet and Mr Postman, and presents are now smugly wrapped and ribboned.

The Christmas trees at my parents' house have been decorated, one tasteful:

And one not-so:

Fires have been lit:

And baubles have been shoved into bell jars. This is part "stylish, White-Company-style Christmas decoration" and part "oh my god we have so many decorations - three trees seems a bit excessive, what can we do with the rest of these?"

I can't wait to get back here in the New Year with new house, new kitchen, new recipes and new kitchen gadgets - but in the meantime, I hope that you all have very merry Christmases. 2012 is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

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