Wednesday, 7 November 2012

British Airways Club Class food review

If you've been following Dine At Mine recently, you'll have read that the Dine At Mine household has gone on holiday to Mexico for a week. Mrs Dine At Mine is currently lying on a hammock on the beach reading her book (or possibly having a sneaky siesta after that lunchtime bottle of Sol). So this is Mr Dine At Mine, otherwise known as Greedy Gusto, posting a quick blog while I shelter my delicate fair skin from the 30 degree heat.

As we're in Mexico, you might expect a blog about the local food, and indeed our hotel does serve a delicious mixture of Mexican / Italian / American food. So we've had tortillas, pasta and even a few French fries over the first couple of days (though not all on the same plate - they don't go in for fusion cooking here). And it has all been delicious.

But instead of posting holiday snaps from our beachfront hotel, I'm going to post a few photos of the meals we were served on our flight from London to Mexico. We were lucky enough to be flying Business class as we had saved up enough air miles, so I wanted to share with you the delights that you can expect on an 11 hour daytime flight in British Airways Club Class.

Firstly of course we got access to the Business Class lounge at Gatwick airport. These lounges are best taken advantage of in the afternoon/evening, when you can help yourself to the various alcoholic beverages on offer. Our flight was at 10am, and we arrived in the lounge just after 7am. Too early for a drink? Not for Mrs Dine At Mine, who promptly ordered us a couple of glasses of champagne. They washed down nicely the beans on toast, Coco Pops, croissants, fruit and yoghurt that we helped ourselves to in the lounge.

Once we boarded the flight, we were offered another glass of champagne before take-off (accepted), another glass of champagne after take-off before lunch (accepted), and then finally we got into the food. I don't have the patience to type out the menu (I'm writing this on the iPad, and honestly Google it's impossible to blog on the iPad! Please sort something out), so I've included a photo of the menu at the bottom. Hopefully you can read through that.

In summary, the salmon starter was delicious, the fillet steak was grossly overcooked (see photo of grey meat) but the meat was good quality and the sauce was tasty, and the ice cream was surprising (given it wasn't on the menu). Afternoon tea at the end of the flight was a delight, with yummy sandwiches, warm fruit scones, proper clotted cream and jam. The only disappointment was a salted caramel choux bun that failed to impress us with its lack of flavour.

Ok, none of the food was cooked to restaurant quality (I'm looking at you, fillet steak). But served at 35,000 feet in our comfortable seats on the way to a tropical holiday - we were happy enough!

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