Hello, and welcome to Dine at Mine!

My name is Alexandra and I'm greedy. That's why I started Dine at Mine - a way to keep track of my recipe adventures and misadventures, to record my (occasional) triumphs for posterity and to remind myself that cottage cheese pancakes really, really aren't worth making again. 

I live in West London with my husband, in a part of the world with lovely pubs, a duck pond and an incredible cheese shop (where we spend far too much money). I'm 27, work in Westminster, and studied Classics at university.

So if you want a chat about aged Manchego, the ins and outs of the Cabinet reshuffle and precisely how to define a Callimachean aesthetic, I'm your girl! Wait, no one wants to talk about that? Sigh.

Given that my chat sounds so terrible, I'd love to hear from you. Nothing cheers up a blogger's day like a comment, an email*, or a surprise packet of biscuits through the post**. Thanks again for visiting!

* alexdineatmine [at] gmail [dot] com

** this has never happened, but I live in hope.

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